Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Did I show you these?

I think I forgot to post any pics from my brother-in-law's wedding last month. There were actually two formal affairs....the first was the actual wedding which was on April 5 (don't have any pictures from that...was still walking with a cane at that time) and one was on April 12, which was the formal reception. That's the thing I have pictures of. This first one is one of my favorites - it's a close up of the cake decoration. This was one of the best wedding cakes EVER. It was a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and these darling little do-dads on it.

They were very happy at their wedding and their reception, and we were very happy for them. It was a nice time all the way around.

My friend Cecilia in DC called today. We had a nice long chat. I miss her - here is a picture of her and one of her friends who is a legal assistant at a firm here in town...hell, I forget which one - but I took this picture a couple of years ago when she came for a visit and we all went to a Viatnamese restaurant in the International District....somewhere. Geezuz...I can't remember anything when I get to the end of a day anymore. Too much going on these days I guess.

Oh...and the dude in the picture - his name is Mark. Hell No! I didn't just remember it. It's in the name of the photo. ;) anyway, Ce Ce, if you're reading this, don't forget to send me your questions.

Okay, now where were we? Ah yes...rambling...my favorite. I read a couple of articles on WitchVox today. I've been trying to think of good topics to write about. I was thinking that I would write a series of articles on the sabbats as a kind of commemoration of my year of Sabbats in my 2d Degree, but I just can't seem to get motivated. I wrote my article on Samhain last year and they put that one up....why not? Not a bad idea I suppose, and I am a contributing member.

So what would anyone be interested in reading about Litha. That it commemorates the festival of mid-summer. That it is the Summer solstice - the longest day of the year....the apex of daylight and the sun in our hemisphere? Mebbe. Or would they be more intersted to know that midsummer is traditionally, at least in fairy traditions, the night where you can cross between the human world and the fairy world without getting hopelessly stuck in the latter? Taht's always good for a head-turner. Iv'e often wondered about people who say things like "I work with fairies" - what the fuck does that mean? I'm talking about in a wiccan context here. Some of you reading this may not know what I'm talking about, but some of you do. some of you out there have been in new age stores buying your candles and incense and been standing next to this rasta-haired white girl reeking of patchouli and wearing Birkinstocks who opens her mouth and says, in all and great sincerity, "I work with fairies," and know that they are talking about the little flying people. There may be something to it, though I myself have never actually seen one. I did see a video tape of what for all the world looked like one. It was taped by the friend of a friend. Supposedly something captured on a closed circuit security camera that waqs unmanned at the time the footage was shot. It was fuckin' incredible. That'd be something for U-tube, wouldn't it. It was friggin' wild. It looked at first like a giant bug, but then you could see a little body perfected outlined as it went up the wall. I don't know...it sure got me thinking. It seemed too sophisticated for the equipment I think this dude had at the time - but I don't know squat about the video biz, so this might have been something that he could have done himself with cello tape and a flashlight. Whatever - I will email him and if he still has it, tell him to put it up on U-tube. If he does it, I'll put a link to it here. Then we'll see how crazy rasta patchouli girl is. But it DOES sound strange.

Okay, enough nonsensical talk for now. I'm gonna go do something else that maybe doesn't require me looking at this little screen anymore.

Ciao! and bright blessings.

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