Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hello from Recoveryville

It's Sunday the after St. Paddy's day. We had a quiet one at home with guests (since (I'm not in any shape to hit the town) and it was very good. I was glad that the teenager had decided to go out and do her own thing as her being home these days is like having a 140-pound porcupine with a bad attitude and a smutty mouth in the house. November, when she turns 18, is just not going to be able to get here quite fast enough as far as I'm concerned. Here's a little picture of me and the hubby yesterday. It was a good day and we were both happy.

Like my "wearin' o-the-green" hair ribbon?

The husband told me one of the most bizarre things I've heard in a long while......he told me that one of his co-workers, who is a relious man, does not believe that St. Paddy was a regal guy. I sat there in astonishment as he related that this guy said he didn't believe in St. Paddy's day because he didn't believe in fairies. Yep....didn't believe in fairies......

Well, that's it for today Lads and Lasses!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Keeerist! Well, it's been a while since I've posted and well, I finally have something to say.....

A total knee replacement hurts like a sunnuvabitch. That is all.

lol! Well, yes, it does hurt like all nine kinds of hell but the bigger picture of pain-free knees when the trauma of the surgery subsides is what I'm focused on here. So stay with me on that. And yes...I DID go and do this voluntarily. Quality of life over time is worth putting up with a lot of pain.

I went into Swedish Hospital on Wednesday, March 7 for the procedure - so it has been a week. The photo I've uploaded here was taken on day 5. Not a lot of change in that image in two days, so you're gettin' the fresh goods here.

At any rate, this operation was done by the Rock Star orthopedic surgeon, Daniel L. Flugstad. I am hoping that his Germanness has brought precision engineering to the operating table. Was I being mean and racist there? Hardly my friend...hardly. I would still rather drive a German-made car than any other. Only problem is I couldn't afford it. I could, however, afford for my insurance to pay for Dr. Dan Flugstad to give me a new titanium and plastic knee in my right leg. And that's what I did. The surgery happened on Wednesday, March 7, and I was out of the hospital on Saturday, March 10. I can get around with some assistance ( a walker all my very own named "Gerty") and things are improving each day. Though the increments of improvement could be a bit larger. We takes what we can get, though....right? Well, I just wanted to post a pic of my surgery. Now I need to take a nap. That's how sleep is coming these days. Short bursts of one to two hours at a time - then it's time to wake up and ice the knee. I've been feeling like the Duncan Donuts guy lately. (For those of you who remember the commercials on television with the man getting up so early he meets himself coming back from work at the front door as he's leaving to go make the donuts....) Anyway, that's what this feels like, only you're not making donuts. You're taking narcotics and getting out ice packs!

Okay, sleepy now. nighty night.....