Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Inner Me

Good morning all! :) Happy random Tuesday. It is a beautiful, sunny day in bustling downtown Seattle. My allergies seem to have abated, I'm wearing a new silk top and have lots of good work on my desk to do. Before I get to it, however, I thought I would check in with the old blogspot and post a cool pic I scammed at the doc's office yesterday.

The image you are seeing there is an x-ray of my new metal knee. Very cool, huh? I sent it around yesterday to anyone and everyone I didn't think it would gross out too badly. How's THAT for sophomoric? Hmmm?

Okay - well, time to get to work! Happy Tuesday everyone.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ooooh! Lookie here! A Baby Kitty

Isn't she sweet? Her name, so far, is Squeak. :) She may tell us something different later, but for now that's what it is. She is three months old and just as cute as she can possibly be. I went and got her while Kristopher was off racing on Sunday. He was very happy when he got home. My daughter, who normally doesn't like anything I do or say or think, actually said yesterday that I picked good kitties. :) High praise, baby.

Not too much new going on otherwise. Kristopher and I are eagerly awaiting the next disc of The Sopranos to arrive in the mail. That should be some time tomorrow since I got the email notification from Blockbuster today. I couldn't believe it...I actually ordered HBO so I could get HBO on demand and, I thought, watch ALL of the Soprano episodes. However, evidently, that's not how the whole "on demand" thing works. There are only so many legacy episodes you can watch, and Kristopher and I still lack a whole discs worth before we can start watching what's available on the cable service. Oh well. It's not a very expensive addiction, so I guess I'm not worried.

So I went to a Trainer's Symposium today and learned about Office 2007. Lemme tell ya, any anxiety or weepiness I was feeling about giving up my training job went out the window when I saw these apps. They are really going to be a tough sell to the general computing populus around here.
Well, about time for me to get on home. Yay! See ya later.

Friday, June 08, 2007

STING....Oh my god!

Hello from Cloud 9 - cuz that's where I am right now. Last night's Police concert was awesome to the Nth degree. I don't have any pictures from the event because we went in stripped down and streamlined to avoid the physical search at the door. Plus, let's fact it, I forgot to bring my camera. Susan and I started out by spending about 5 minutes in my car "getting ready" at about 6:00. Then we walked over to T.J. McHugh's on Mercer and went into The Police beer garden. We had an average brat and a better than average beer. It was cool to be in a place where everyone there was going to the concert.

We went over to Key Arena after that, found our seats then wandered around and bought tshirts and blinkies. (and nachos, M&Ms and sodas). **grin** Then the opening band "FictionPlane" came out and they were so-so. I was mystified as to why The Police would choose a "Police WannaBe" band to open for them. Oh well. They were average at best. Making The Police shine all the brighter when they came out. Maybe THAT is the purpose.

Well, of course everyone went apeshit wild when they came out on stage. Our seats were in the nose-bleed section, but we didn't care...it was just wonderful to be there and feel the energy and know that you were seeing and hearing these guys live. At least for me that was the case. The tix were a bill each, and still it was nose bleed time. The seats on the floor were $200 if the little wierdo who was standing guard on our row was to be believed. The first song of the set was the high-energy Synchronicity and it just went on from there. These guys didn't confer with each other between songs or anything - they just went from one right into the other...it was fuckin' awesome. I would have very much liked to hear more talking from them, but what'reya gonna do? They weren't there to talk...they were there to play.

Their set went by in a flippin' blur of excitement; Roxanne, Walking on the Moon, Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, Spirits in the Material World, Lonely, Message in a Bottle and more...for the first encore, it was King of Pain, second encore, and thought I was gonna die on this one, Every Breath You Take....they actually did a THIRD encore, but I didn't recognize the song. Poor bastards probably just wanted to get off the stage by that point so thought if they played one of their B-side selections, the crowd would get the message. Anyway, what a grand and glorious time...makes me tear up just thinkin' about it. I felt like I was 20 years old again! And the audience was all over the place age-wise. People my age and 10 to 15 years older, and people in their early 20s, and maybe some of them not even in their 20s yet. It was really, really fun and it's something I'm going to remember for a long time to come. I have my ticket all posted on my bulletin board here at work, and I must be suffering from post-excitement disorder because I can't seem to get a flippin' thing done. I thought maybe if I went ahead and made a blog post it would alleviate a little of the excitement and I could get on with my day. That's the idea anyway.

Of course I'm sitting here with my Rhapsody channel playing and listening to Sting sing "Every Breath You Take" **sigh** Did you know that he was born on October 2, 1951? Geeeeezuz....not only was the show good, but it was also inspiring. It's fantastic to me that he is 56 years old, well, will be on his birthday this year, and he's still in the kind of condition it takes to put on a show like they did last night. The sum-bitch just isn't aging I tell ya! I think I'm gonna have to sign up for some yoga classes or somethin', cause honey...I am IMPRESSED! I had to play it down a bit when I went home last night because the poor little hubby didn't get to go. Not that he likes The Police or anything, but any live show that exciting is a hard thing to miss and then hear about later.

Okay! I'm gonna try to get some flippin work done. Software training and data collection seem so drab after that!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Krikey! Where's the Friggin' Sudafed?

So I'm sitting here in my office after lunch in the protected, filtered air, and feeling pretty darn miserable. I may have to take my plump rump down the street and buy some allergy meds. **sigh** Oh well....

So not too much going on - I just find myself here on my lunch break without much to do. It's raining outside and I'm already all snuffly, so not really interested in going out and getting moreso. I'm gonna be doing something exciting here in a couple of nights. I'm going out to The Police concert with nmy friend Susan from work. I think we'll have a great time...too bad you can't take pictures at the concert. That would be a huge bummer to whip out a digital camera and have it confiscated. :( Not willing to risk that. I'll just have to buy the tee-shirt I guess. The tix are $90 each - and generally I'm very tight with my money, but as soon as I found out that Sting was actually playing with them in this wheezing revival tour, I thought what the hell? I listened to these guys all during my 20s, and I still find myself listening to their stuff even now that they are long-since broken up and haven't made a record together since the advent of the MP3 file. So, it seemed fitting. In fact, at the moment, I am playing all of The Police that my music service, Rhapsody, has to offer.

At the moment that song, "Don't Stand So Close to Me," is playing. Sting re-did that song in the late 80s and it was released on his disc called "The Singles" which I listened to 'til it was worn out (if such a thing is possible for a cd). Anyway, he really slowed that sucker down and it was haunting.

My husband read some reviews on this latest tour (you know...The Police : The search for more cash) and said that the drummer was quoted as saying they sucked and that they weren't together on anything and Sting's vocals were off. I guess they are getting their rehersals in on the big stage. I'm glad Seattle wasn't their first stop. I'm hoping they have their shit together by Thursday night. I'm sure it will be a good show and a memorable evening pretty much no matter what.

Okay...I'll let you know about the concert after. Right now, it's about time to get back to work. Ciao!