Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Countdown and Sweetie's Day and Various Ramblings

It's about three weeks until I get the surgery on my leg. Yay.....I'm scared and ready all at the same time. I give my next unit of blood "autologous" donation is what they call it....where if I need blood during the surgery, they will have my very own on ice and ready to go in. It was mine before, it'll be mine again if I need it. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. That's pretty cool. It was a pretty crummy holiday for me there for a couple of years, but it's getting good again. Lots of things are getting good again. I should have known when the shrink-o said "One to three years...." as an average "getting over it" time period, that I would be at the very end of that spectrum, and sure enough...here we are. The shitty days where Valentine's Day 2004. Infamous, but not worth mentioning here again - and now, Valentine's Day 2007, I feel pretty good about the whole thing and the memories of the crappiness have faded to tattered remnants not worth looking at.

Damn man....I just spent the past 10 minutes or so trying to make a little Valentine in the Paint program. No dice. I must be really tired or something. Maybe I can do one tomorrow when I'm not using a friggin' roller mouse. Ahhhhhhh....listening to "A Perfect Circle" at the moment. They are like "Tool" only different. "Passive" - it's a song from Constantine. I love the scene where it's playing. Neo, oh wait, fuck...um....Constantine is walking into Papa Midnight's bar (a haven for those who rise and fall) :) WAKE UP! AND FACE ME.......DON'T PLAY DEAD...CUZ MAYBE....ONE DAY...i WILL WALK AWAY AND SAY....You disappoint me. Maybe you're better off this way.....


If you know the flick you will understand the preceding paragraph. If you don't...well...you won't.

I'm all amped up but know I need to go to bed. It's weird how the first of the week you really have to ration out your energy so you can make it all the way to Friday.

Okay....so I dug out a picture I think is fit for Valentine's Day. It's me and the man from my birthday (about 30 seconds prior to the waitress dropping my birthday camera) but we were having such a great time and the warm fuzziness was quite apparent.

Happy Valentine's Day ya'll. Go find someone to hug.