Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Well Fuck Me Runnin'.....It's the middle of November

Howdy anyone that ambles by. I just thought I would share a few thoughts on a grey work day. I have my cup of starbucks by my side and am feeling pretty good and just thought I'd share.

Halloween was a good time, but a also kind of anti-climactic like it always is. I DID wear my Billy-bad-ass booby showin' costume, but didn't get any decent pictures while I was in it. :*( Oh well. Fuck it. I have decided that to make Halloween as special as I need for it to be, I'm gonna have to get the Hell out of Dodge. So, next year, and this is the current plan anyway, I wanna go to Salem Mass for Halloween. They got a whole big festival that goes the entire month of October centered around the festivities. And that's where I'm gonna be. I have enough witch outfits to wear for at least three different days there and, of course, I'll have to make a new one for the occassion. It'll probably cost about $1,200.00 to take both me and the man to Salem. I think Andie would love it too, but, oh well....she's at a weird age. She doesn't want to go anywhere with either one of us, much less both of us at the same time. Maybe if it's really good and fun, I can take her as a young adult.

Here's a picture of me with my co-workers that dressed up. This is a pitiful showing of people getting into the spirit of Halloween in an office with 180 people in it. :(

Anyway, that's me in the pumpkin orange witch dress. That thing was a beast to make. The hat is really bad-ass but it wasn't standing up for the picture. It is a poofy one that is supposed to lean, but not be flat on my head. The whole thing cost a flippin' fortune in time and money to make. I may make the same pattern for next year now that I know what I'm doing. But this next gown will be black, I will cut more room into the pattern and I will make it quite a bit longer than this one. When I cut this dress out, I was talking to my mom and so I didn't make it any roomier and I also spaced the fact that patterns are made for an average 5'6" woman. Of course that little brain poot left the dress about 3" too short for yours truly. Oh well....I couldn't wear heels anyway because of my knee.

So....let's see....what else? Not too much. I've taken to going to accupuncture to deal with my knee and back pain. Seems to be a bit more effective than nothing. We'll see. The lady I'm seeing is a true healer and I think she's very good at what she does. All I know is I am fucked up. That's about all I know. Oh! And then to put the cherry on the cake of my knee-babying experience, I had to go and fall in the street right on the 'mergency knee.

I guess I'd better go to work.