Sunday, April 10, 2011

"With magic, mother fucker!!"

Went and saw "Your Highness" this weekend. It was every bit as stupid as it looked on the trailers. And I like me a movie that delivers what it promises on its trailer. Whatever that may be. I like that honesty. This delightful bit nonesense was American Pie meets Dungeons and Dragons and it was AWESOME. My favorite line in the whole movie happens when the handsome prince is about to marry his recently rescued from the tower virgin, and the evil warlock appears in the midst of the festivities and announces his intention to retake the bride to be. Seeing the warlock surrounded by guards and vastly outnumbered, the King asks, "And how do you intend to do that?" The warlock replies, "Magic, mother fucker." I straight stole that graphic from here. Okay, so there was NOTHING redeeming about this flick. I admit it. But I still really enjoyed it. It was fun and stupid. A complete pixie stick of a movie. Sometimes on a Friday night, that's just what you need.