Friday, November 25, 2005

Turkey Day 2005 - call it a Wrap!

Excellent. Thanksgiving 2005 went off without a hitch. We had 15 people here in our little castle in Lynnwood - all to a sit-down style dinner with linen napkins, water glasses and salad forks, baby. It was a good time all the way around. Today is the infamous "busiest shopping day of the year" - which means that I will be avoiding all retail establishments as though they were giving away e-bola at the door. My daughter, who is turning 16 years old tomorrow, wants to go get her nails done anyway - so I guess I gotta be down for that.

I've got all of the Fall decorations in a bag and am preparing to take them out to the garage and put up the Yule decorations. It is an endless parade of decorative stuff around this house from the beginning of October onward. :) Maybe one of these days I will hit the pinnacle and have stuff up for every different sabbat of the witches wheel year. The ones that come in the fall are so similar that you can pretty much leave up the same stuff from August on through until you change the stuff to Yule and just basically stack the Halloween stuff in on top of it. Maybe that's what I'll do in 2006.

Yesterday, my husband's grandmother stamped me with her seal of approval. :) Nice to know the family likes you and wants to keep you around. I've added some pics here of my loving family on Thanksgiving. The first picture is of my brother in law and his fiance. Aren't they cute? Got engaged about 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. I told my brother-in-law that it was just like hi yto rig it so that T-Day dinner with the fam is his engagement party! He countered with a "no it isn't. we already had our engagement party ....friends only." Ouch! OOooooOoOo... Wow! Happy Turkey Day mutha-fucka!

The two psychos basting the turkey are my children- Andie and Tim Allen. This is also a photo I'd like to call "best thing about the holidays."
The large man with the knife standing above the turkey is my husband.
I avoided taking pictures of the rest of the family to keep from embarrassing them on the internet. I'll leave that job to my daugther's blog at MySpace AndieBabe>

Happy Holidaze all ya'll. I'll be writin' atcha.


Friday, November 11, 2005

For Fuck's Sake!

This has been one of the longest weeks in many, many a moon. First, the furnace went out, and this is after our having just gotten all new top-o-the-line windows and doors installed in our little Lynnwood castle. So, the husband stayed home the first day with it while a technician came out - we came home later that evening nad it was fuck-all cold in the house again, so I wound up staying out the following day with it, only to have a service man show up at the tail end of the day and tell me that he wasn't prepared to do the job, and that I needed to find someone to "camp out" on it. Doesn't that sound good? Doesnt' that sound like a metric butt-load of money? Anyway, so the next day the husband stayed home from his job again. It's like parents alternating over who's staying home with the sick kid, only there's no sick kid....just endless waiting for the service guy. The good news is that the next one who came out DID in fact come prepared to work and did the whole job for a mere $100. We got off light.

So, I'm here at work now, trying to get prepared for a major week ahead of me and well, frankly, I just can't seem to strap it on to care. My computers in my training room are not working properly. Looks like it might even be some weekend warrior action for me. Oh joy. :( I wish someone would pay me what I make doing by computer job for weaving baskets or drumming or something. :) That'll be the day, huh? I'm not likely to hold my breath for it though.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Rainy Day People

Well, the rain has come to Seattle in earnest. Some feel it more than others, but most are just a little more sleepy, just a little more reluctant to leave their warm beds for the cold, soggy commute, and maybe even a little more depressed or at least contemplative. I am all of the above. But, as a computer trainer, I do have some down time where I can catch up on my reading (of things like the Outlook 2003 manual) - not that interesting, but still, it feels good to be able to get to some of that stuff. In my tradition of witchcraft, Samhain (Halloween to those in the secular world) is the new year. It marks a time of reflection and contemplation of the accomplishments of the year before and of the seeds you wish to sow for the coming year. I think of friends and family - of all the people I've known who have influenced me and touched my heart. Some of it makes me sad, some makes me laugh, but all of it makes me feel extremely lucky. Especially that little red-head in the picture here. Well, she's not a red-head anymore. This was taken last summer at a company picnic - but I don't have very many pictures of us together so it will have to do. She's a wonderful little muffin and I can't believe she's turning 16 on November 26. She's going to have a birthday party with a bunch of her friends on the 19th - so I'm sure she'll feel like she's all grown up then - but she's still just a baby.

So that's about it. I have to get back to my riveting work now as my lunch break is just about over, but I wanted to check in post-Halloween (which, by the way was a gas) - we went to a Halloween wedding, went to a Halloween party, decked out the house and went in costume to work. Can't beat that! If I were writing this post from my other machine I'd stick up a picture or two. Might have to do that later anyway, even though Halloween is gone for another year. Anyway, Blessed Be, and be sure to check out my website for my Thanksgiving page which will have all kinds of recipes and after the event, some pics for the family to see.