Sunday, April 10, 2011

"With magic, mother fucker!!"

Went and saw "Your Highness" this weekend. It was every bit as stupid as it looked on the trailers. And I like me a movie that delivers what it promises on its trailer. Whatever that may be. I like that honesty. This delightful bit nonesense was American Pie meets Dungeons and Dragons and it was AWESOME. My favorite line in the whole movie happens when the handsome prince is about to marry his recently rescued from the tower virgin, and the evil warlock appears in the midst of the festivities and announces his intention to retake the bride to be. Seeing the warlock surrounded by guards and vastly outnumbered, the King asks, "And how do you intend to do that?" The warlock replies, "Magic, mother fucker." I straight stole that graphic from here. Okay, so there was NOTHING redeeming about this flick. I admit it. But I still really enjoyed it. It was fun and stupid. A complete pixie stick of a movie. Sometimes on a Friday night, that's just what you need.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A New Tattoo for a New Me

So Wednesday, February 9, was a very exciting day for me because I went and got a new tattoo from the same artist who did my last one, the cornucopia which you can view here: Cornucopia Tattoo  His name is John Cimperman and he used to be at Lynnwood Tattoo, then it became Colorbomb, then he moved on to Laughing Buddah on Capital Hill in Seattle.  I'm glad he's there now.  It seems like a much better place for him. 

So we got there about 5:00 p.m. The hubby went with me even though we'd had a discussion about how boring it was going to be for him at three hours of hearing the tattoo gun.  But he wanted to go and I was glad.  He got some good pics there too. 

This first one is the come to Jesus moment when that gun first rips into your skin - before the endorphins kick in to save you from the relentless onslaught of pain.  I found out AFTER we got started that these fatty side pieces are typically the most painful part!  Crap!  Now you tell me!

I couldn't sit in that chair like that for very long. Maybe about the first fifteen minutes of what worked out to be a nearly four hour tattoo. By the way, this sucker was custom drawn for my back by John. He's really an incredible artist who, if given his own head, will come out with some gorgeous stuff.

So, because my let was going to sleep, John went in and got a massage table for me to sit on. Since I didn't want to hang my legs over the side and have my knees cut off my circulation, I wound up sitting akimbo and bent way forward. You can see John working on my back putting the color in in the next couple of shots.

After I got the rush of endorphins, it was actually possible to focus on my homework. I had a long chapter to read as we were having a quiz on that material the very next evening. So, I got down to the business of reading.

It was tough to sit there that long in this position, and I know John was tired and ready to go home by the time he was finished, but he was proud of this piece as was (and am) I.

Isn't it beautiful? He does such great work.

And here we are...artist and canvas - both worn out and ready to go home.