Sunday, September 24, 2006

Having Teenagers is the True Hell!!

I know that there is a huge portion of the population that believes that when you die, if you haven't been a righteous person in your life, you will go to the firey pits and be burned for all eternity in punishment for not having lived up to the mark.

However, I, as you know if you have read any of my previous posts am not one of those people. There is retribution for your sins, but it is exacted here on this earth. For instance, if you have kids, you will enjoy them while they are little, but when they get to be teenagers, they bring with them the wrath of God and Goddess alike, all too willing to spill it out on our deserving heads. I can remember that I treated my mom like crap when I was a teenager, and here I am, living the role reversal some 30 years later with my own little cookie-cutter.

Oh I'm downloading music and listening and playing with my computer. I may put on my jeans and go out for a walk. My teenager is starting her first job today and is in the bathroom getting ready. It's cold in the house. Church was last night....right now I'm listening to The Spinners "I'll Be Around." I'm going to Oklahoma in a few weeks. I'm narcotix free these days but my leg still hurts like hell from the surgery. Still going to physical therapy three times a week. Awfully glad that blogger is sponsoring my personal journal. Never plan to run for public office so don't give a good rat's ass who sees this. Homeland security? Come and get me motherfuckers. Noooch.

Here's my natty little MP3 player. Almost makes up for the teenager....NOT!

Music makes me terribly reminiscent. So I'm downloading more. I love to look at the big picture...the tapestry of life. My husband hasn't seen the tapestry yet. He's got a few years to go. Maybe he's seen the hem of's the grandest thing to have lived through some decades of change. Too bad I didn't keep my old body - or wait...I mean, my young body. I do hope I get the opportunity to continue to work on that. Now that I've got an MP3 player, that just got a whole lot easier. I feel as though I've been starving myself for music! And why? For no good reason that's for sure....Ahh......."Iris" is on right now with all it's expansive waves. Nice. Hell yeah! I subscribed to a service! :)

I'm just rambling, but that's what I wanted to do this morning. Happy Sunday.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Some Pics from Lately

So I happen to be lying here in my living room in front of the fire and within ready reach of my handy-dandy camera. So, I thought I'd upload a few pics from some interesting stuff lately.

First, here's a picture of me with some of the administrators from my office at the ALA conference in Palm Springs. I was asked to present a seminar there and did so and had a great time in the process. ALA stands for the Association of Legal Administrators and they are a class act, lemme tell ya. Very organized, very professional and drink....lord god these people can drink. :O

We're all having a great time there. It was the first night I was at the hotel and this was a big reception around the pool. Here's a picture of the pool from my balcony. It was quite beautiful and nice to swim in. I don't think I've ever seen so many lounge chairs in one place before.

So anyway, we all had a great time drinking and eating around the pool. I picked up my speaker package and went back to my room. I hate these kinda nametags that hang around your neck, but I enjoyed having the "speaker" ribbon on there.

After I did my speaking gig the next day, I ran down to the bar and got myself a double pina colada, went upstairs and took some pain medication (my knee was brutal after standing and presenting for 90 minutes) then I went and got myself a massage. It was great, but it didn't keep me from having to go to my room and put an ice pack on my knee for the rest of the evening. It was great though.

The next day I spent the morning in the hot tub, the pool and the exercise room until it was time to go home. I was trying to upload some pics from the pool, but blogger won't let me. :( Oh well....maybe there's a limit per post.

Anyway, it was then time to go home and the day after I got home we went to a friend's house and had ourselves an old fashioned cider pressing. I'm gonna end this blog entry cuz I can't upload any more pictures, but I'll make another one shortly. Those of you living vicariously through my blog (and you know who you are over there on the penninsula) I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get you something to read. :)

Me and the Web Cam

There's a funky little eyeball sitting on top of my laptop at the moment. (Well, it isn't MY laptop....that got stolen from me last month when I had my knee surgery - but the laptop I'm using at the moment anyway). It reminds me of the eyeball in the bag on "My Stepmother is an Alien" - which, if you are ignorant of same is one of the cooler movies to come out of the late 80s. Not a John Hughes movie, but definitely worth watching (IMHO).

I'm at work at the moment and am learning to use the new Creative web cam for purposes of video meetings. So far, I'm up to getting it installed and taking a picture for my blog! Yay for me! :) I have a whole bunch more pictures of my recent training trip to Palm Springs for the ALA convention there as well as some fun snaps of a cider pressing we went to last weekend. Life has been rich of late, despite the fact that I'm really dragging ass on my recovery from knee surgery.

The daughter has joined the swim team and she got a job at Ruby's in the mall. I'm so very proud of her. I hope she can keep her grades up so I can let her keep the job. We'll see....

Okay, well, I gotta shut down soon. They didn't give me a little leatherette case in which to keep the eyeball, so I guess it's goin' into the old bag bare nekkid just like it is.

I'll put those pics of Palm Springs up real soon.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Hiiiiii-dee Ho....

I didn't mean for it to be so long in between posts. The summer got under way and well, one thing led to another and here we are at September 1. My daughter starts back to school on Tuesday, I have a huge presentation due on that day, and in less than two weeks I will be in Palm Springs presenting a seminar to a bunch of legal managers. There are no words to describe how relieved I will be when that is done. I have been both looking forward to and dreading the event since I agreed to do it. :) That's just the way I work.

Let's see....since I last wrote, my daughter went to Oklahoma for almost three weeks which gave me a chance to have a small break from her for that amount of time. I painted the living room purple...well, one wall, the kitchen red (well, two walls) and did some general decorating and spiffing up of the old place. I would take some pictures and put them up here, but, well, our house was burglarized last week and my laptop is no more. Oh well....I suppose I should also go about the business of getting my new one configured so I can upload web pages and so forth, but I do have that presentation that needs finished and there is nothing about the web pages that I maintain that could ever be considered vital.

I want some ice cream.

I had a surgery last week. A surgery on my knee to repair my lateral miniscus and take out some arthritic cartilage. Trust me when I say to you that there are few things that can make you feel older than having your knees fucked up. I will appreciate mine so much more when they are better....I promise. Physical therapy starts next week as does water aerobics. After that....I suppose I may have to go to Weight Watchers. **sigh** I've tried to avoid them like the plague, but, well, I suppose a little comeraderie in the area of making less of myself wouldn't be a bad thing.

It's hard to believe that summer is done and Indian Summer upon us. I have a couple of little fall scarecrows on the front lawn. They're pretty cute....and I am already looking forward to Halloween with the zeal of a little kid looking to score some candy. My harvest witch gown is going to be to die for this year. I got the idea for it off of a witchy Barbie I saw on Ebay last year. Great gobs! It's only two short months away. :) I wanna be sure to get the house decorated the first couple of days of October so we can make the most of the season. But, first things first.....getting through this upcoming Outlook presentation.

So that's it....I just wanted to check in and say "hi" to anyone who may be watching. :) All one of you.

See you again soon, as I will not allow this much time to lapse before my next entry.