Monday, June 29, 2009

Wow....It's Monday Alright

You know, I try to give just about everyone I meet the benefit of the doubt. When I make an appointment, I expect that if I show up, the person I made the appointment with will also be there. Not so, apparently.

This morning, I got up and drove in because I had a 9:00 a.m. appointment with an orthopedic surgeon at OPA Seattle. He's supposed to be some hot-shit rock-star surgeon whom I was foisted off on because his associate, Dr. Khan-Farooqui, whom I liked very much, was moving to Grand Junction, Colorado and didn't feel as though he could ethically perform a surgery that would need several months of follow-up care when he would only be here for one more. So, I made an appointment with his parter - the one whom he said would do the best job for what was going on here, and I was in luck...there was an appoinment available a mere 3.5 weeks away. Woo hoo! So, this morning I was pretty excited to get there and get things underway. I arrived at the OPA office building 30 minutes prior to my appointment as I was told by the receptionist who set the appointment that Dr. Mankey did not like it when patients were not prompt - that he was always prompt, hardly ever ran behind in his day and he appreciated his patients respecting that. So, not wanting to get on the doc's bad side, I showed up quite early. I went up to the offices at 8:45, and got check in by his receptionist. At 9:05, she calls me over to the desk and tells me in a very matter-of-fact voice that there was a "mix up" and Dr. Mankey wasn't in the office this morning. He had a doctor appointment, and they would call me this afternoon to reschedule. I was so friggin' stunned I just stood there for a second without saying anything - those of you who know me know that this is quite an amazing thing. Anyway, I said,
"great, I get one doctor who's moving away, so I get shuffled off to this one, and you guys set me an appointment which I wait nearly a month for, on a day when he has a doctor appoinment? I take off work this morning, I drive in, I park...."
"I know, and I'm sorry. But we'll call you this afternoon to reschedule." Now, mind you, this girl said this with all the remorse of someone telling you that they are sorry a movie is sold out and that you had to be bothered to come up to the ticket window. In other words, as though it was no fault of their own. This girl looked like she was raised on Nordstom salon foil wraps and bon-bons and didn't have a care in the world. Highly likely she is the over-privileged brat child of one of these friggin' surgeons.

Anyway, this made for a very shitty morning. I was so upset and there was no one to take it out on. I just had to swallow it down. I would go somewhere else, but this is the recommendation I had. I mean, I know these guys don't actually care about their patients, and these guys don't even really care about the money because they are the orthopedic surgeons to the big sports teams. Now I'm not sure what kind of a recommendation THAT is considering the quality of our local sports teams, but still. Oh! and when I asked the stupid bitch later on the phone (I was so pissed off I felt that I needed to call back for clarification on how this happened and to explain that I was out money on parking and so forth) if they were at least going to cover my parking for my next visit, she said, "We don't own the garage, so we can't cover your parking." O-kay....maybe she had one too many foil jobs....since when do you have to own a parking garage to comp someone's parking? It's called petty cash, you dumb bitch!

Anyway, that's been the old morning 'round here. It took me a couple of hours just to settle down enough to work! I hope anyone who reads this is having a better Monday than I am.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Wednesday...

Apparently I CAN add images today...yay for meh! And thank goodness too because there is really no help for Blogger...and not that I'm complaining because it is I tell you.

Okay, what you're seeing here is a pic of my big box of crayons that I keep in my office. Back about a decade ago when I took my first job as a software trainer, the senior trainer sent me a box of crayons in the interoffice mail. She said that they reminded her of the first day of school, and whenever she needed to knuckle-down and learn something, she would huff on these little waxy sticks and it would put her in the appropriate head-space for learning and teaching. So I'm huffin' crayons today. I'm not teaching anyone, but I want to get in that knowledge acquisition mode.

Also, I had a nice experience this morning when a guy at the O-to-Go place where I get my morning noms gave me a free packet of honey peanut butter. I had my dollar all out and he just gave me my receipt for my oatmeal, and told me that it was okay. Behold, free peanut butter. Why am I showing you my free peanut butter? Well, because I'm not a 20 year old hot chick who gets free shit all the time. They may get free drinks, and free dinners and never have to pay a cover charge, but that's not the reality of my life. So, the free peanut butter was a big deal. lol!

Also, a friend of mine went to Florida and went to Disney World and the Kennedy Space Center and had a great time. She came back all tan and shit....and she brought back a couple of really cutie things for me. Behold the space shuttle that is a thumb drive...

So, way cool...Happy Wednesday to all.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Another F*&kin' Monday..... morning.


So it appears that Monday is negatively affecting me. You think? Not as much as some Mondays - but it's early still. To add to the spectacularity of the morning, I'm unable to upload images to this beeyotch.

Oh well. Have a good one anyway. I'm posting this to show I care. **grin**

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hello from Work - Gray Skies...but it IS Seattle

I'm waiting for a database to "pack" and just thought I'd drop in and write a quick post. It has come to my mind lately that I haven't written very much lately at all. And lately includes the past fifteen years that I've lived in the writer's capital of the United States. Okay...not sure whether that's actually true. I just pulled that fact out of my ass.

So a couple of weeks ago I went to a writer's workshop called "Write-o-Rama" at Hugo House in Seattle. My husband went too, and he probably blogged about it the day we got back. Of course, he's kinda new to blogging and he's got about five of these fuggers out there to update, so he's fresh for the fight. **sigh**

So do you remember the flute picture I put up a couple weeks ago of this glorious Haynes?
Well, I bought it. Bought it from the gal at Fluteragious - which, as it turns out is a 32 year old woman living in Arkansas who has flute on the brain like I do. Except she has kept flute-on-the-brain since she began playing as a little girl, so is miles ahead of me in the obcession. She has gone to bench school in New York and learned how to actually repair flutes and runs a hobbyist business out of her home where she buys and sells flutes online. She's very cool. Her name is Kate. Anyway, what the hell was I talking about? Oh I bought this flute from her. Hang on...the database just finished its indexing and packing.

So anyway, here are some more pics of the Haynes. And all of these pics were taken by Kate and are being used with permission.

Kate put that jewel in the crown of this flute with her mad skills. She also tipped the thing in 24K gold. It's really gorgeous. Did the lip plate in gold and put little gold accents all over. I've been carrying it to work since I got it. It plays quite well. I think my teacher was impressed with it too. "Haynes is a really good flute..." is what he said, and that is a LOT for Klaus.

And here's another.

I've been trying (kinda lamely) to get Kristopher to take some pictures of me with my flute so I can put one up on youtube with my profile because I have some flutie friends out there.

Well, that's enough. All the automated stuff is finished so I can't write anymore here. But I'm going to try to post more often. It's not like nothing is happening in our lives, but there just aren't enough hours in the day to blog about it!