Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hello from Work - Gray Skies...but it IS Seattle

I'm waiting for a database to "pack" and just thought I'd drop in and write a quick post. It has come to my mind lately that I haven't written very much lately at all. And lately includes the past fifteen years that I've lived in the writer's capital of the United States. Okay...not sure whether that's actually true. I just pulled that fact out of my ass.

So a couple of weeks ago I went to a writer's workshop called "Write-o-Rama" at Hugo House in Seattle. My husband went too, and he probably blogged about it the day we got back. Of course, he's kinda new to blogging and he's got about five of these fuggers out there to update, so he's fresh for the fight. **sigh**

So do you remember the flute picture I put up a couple weeks ago of this glorious Haynes?
Well, I bought it. Bought it from the gal at Fluteragious - which, as it turns out is a 32 year old woman living in Arkansas who has flute on the brain like I do. Except she has kept flute-on-the-brain since she began playing as a little girl, so is miles ahead of me in the obcession. She has gone to bench school in New York and learned how to actually repair flutes and runs a hobbyist business out of her home where she buys and sells flutes online. She's very cool. Her name is Kate. Anyway, what the hell was I talking about? Oh I bought this flute from her. Hang on...the database just finished its indexing and packing.

So anyway, here are some more pics of the Haynes. And all of these pics were taken by Kate and are being used with permission.

Kate put that jewel in the crown of this flute with her mad skills. She also tipped the thing in 24K gold. It's really gorgeous. Did the lip plate in gold and put little gold accents all over. I've been carrying it to work since I got it. It plays quite well. I think my teacher was impressed with it too. "Haynes is a really good flute..." is what he said, and that is a LOT for Klaus.

And here's another.

I've been trying (kinda lamely) to get Kristopher to take some pictures of me with my flute so I can put one up on youtube with my profile because I have some flutie friends out there.

Well, that's enough. All the automated stuff is finished so I can't write anymore here. But I'm going to try to post more often. It's not like nothing is happening in our lives, but there just aren't enough hours in the day to blog about it!

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