Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Evening Again

Fridays don't come fast enough, and Sundays always come too soon. Kristopher is sitting here on the sofa doing his homework, and I am waiting for some quinoa to cook so we can have dinner. Had to do the whole meatless thing for the past couple of days due to the husband's swollen ankle as he thinks it is an attack of gout. Who am I to argue? It's an ailment that, thankfully, I don't have. He does suffer from it from time to time, so I defer.

The little grand-nugget was supposed to come over again this evening, but her Mom and Dad didn't get around to get her here. They said it was just too much trouble, and thought that I might want to come over there. I'm not going to my son's house for 5 hours on a Sunday and trying to be quiet while he and his wife sleep. No thanks. Get in the car, and get the kid over here, or just tough it out.

My friend Patricia came over this morning for my 4th yoga session. It was very good.

So this last week I joined up with the Lynnwood Community Band. It was a bunch of fun. It was almost exactly like high school. The drum section didn't show up, and the brass section, despite the fact that the median age had to be 60, were a bunch of clowns! I do love playing my flute. I sent my Gemeinhardt off to Elkhart Indiana for a serious tune-up by the one and only guy that Gemeinhardt recommends to do it.

And isn't this lovely, breathtaking beauty? That's my next wish. A Haynes. Loverly.

Did I mention that I'm taking flute lessons? I don't know whether I did or not. Well, I am. This coming week will be week 10 in that adventure. My flute teacher is a pretty serious dude. His name is Klaus Liebetanz. I was gonna put up a picture of him, but am a little scared to do that because they all have copyrights on them. I got permission to put the picture of the Haynes up from the woman that runs the Flutragious website.

Well, I gotta go. I gotta go over to my son's house for a bit. More like 45 minutes instead of 4-5 hours.

Have a great week!

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