Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Did I show you these?

I think I forgot to post any pics from my brother-in-law's wedding last month. There were actually two formal affairs....the first was the actual wedding which was on April 5 (don't have any pictures from that...was still walking with a cane at that time) and one was on April 12, which was the formal reception. That's the thing I have pictures of. This first one is one of my favorites - it's a close up of the cake decoration. This was one of the best wedding cakes EVER. It was a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and these darling little do-dads on it.

They were very happy at their wedding and their reception, and we were very happy for them. It was a nice time all the way around.

My friend Cecilia in DC called today. We had a nice long chat. I miss her - here is a picture of her and one of her friends who is a legal assistant at a firm here in town...hell, I forget which one - but I took this picture a couple of years ago when she came for a visit and we all went to a Viatnamese restaurant in the International District....somewhere. Geezuz...I can't remember anything when I get to the end of a day anymore. Too much going on these days I guess.

Oh...and the dude in the picture - his name is Mark. Hell No! I didn't just remember it. It's in the name of the photo. ;) anyway, Ce Ce, if you're reading this, don't forget to send me your questions.

Okay, now where were we? Ah yes...rambling...my favorite. I read a couple of articles on WitchVox today. I've been trying to think of good topics to write about. I was thinking that I would write a series of articles on the sabbats as a kind of commemoration of my year of Sabbats in my 2d Degree, but I just can't seem to get motivated. I wrote my article on Samhain last year and they put that one up....why not? Not a bad idea I suppose, and I am a contributing member.

So what would anyone be interested in reading about Litha. That it commemorates the festival of mid-summer. That it is the Summer solstice - the longest day of the year....the apex of daylight and the sun in our hemisphere? Mebbe. Or would they be more intersted to know that midsummer is traditionally, at least in fairy traditions, the night where you can cross between the human world and the fairy world without getting hopelessly stuck in the latter? Taht's always good for a head-turner. Iv'e often wondered about people who say things like "I work with fairies" - what the fuck does that mean? I'm talking about in a wiccan context here. Some of you reading this may not know what I'm talking about, but some of you do. some of you out there have been in new age stores buying your candles and incense and been standing next to this rasta-haired white girl reeking of patchouli and wearing Birkinstocks who opens her mouth and says, in all and great sincerity, "I work with fairies," and know that they are talking about the little flying people. There may be something to it, though I myself have never actually seen one. I did see a video tape of what for all the world looked like one. It was taped by the friend of a friend. Supposedly something captured on a closed circuit security camera that waqs unmanned at the time the footage was shot. It was fuckin' incredible. That'd be something for U-tube, wouldn't it. It was friggin' wild. It looked at first like a giant bug, but then you could see a little body perfected outlined as it went up the wall. I don't know...it sure got me thinking. It seemed too sophisticated for the equipment I think this dude had at the time - but I don't know squat about the video biz, so this might have been something that he could have done himself with cello tape and a flashlight. Whatever - I will email him and if he still has it, tell him to put it up on U-tube. If he does it, I'll put a link to it here. Then we'll see how crazy rasta patchouli girl is. But it DOES sound strange.

Okay, enough nonsensical talk for now. I'm gonna go do something else that maybe doesn't require me looking at this little screen anymore.

Ciao! and bright blessings.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Vrrrrroooom Vrooom! and Ahoy Mateys!

Arrrrrr! Cap'n Jack Sparrow rides again! :) Rescued from Davey Jones locker, he's back to give 2 hours and 45 minutes of solid entertainment. But! let's start with today....

Went to the autocross races today with the hubby-person. He likes to do his autocross stuff. He's pretty dedicated with it too. We got up thids morning at a pretty reasonable time and took off about 9:30. Stopped and got some breakfast at Jack in the Box (our other kitchen) and made our way to Bremerton Motor Sports park for his participation in the afternoon session.

I got to ride along for one run - but the rest I sat out and played fan club. I got a few pictures, but they aren't very good and don't do anything to capture the excitment of the day or the fun of watching your baby drive his car as fast as he can.

So, that was the majority of the day. Then we came home and watched some more Sopranos (damn I'm hooked on those things!!) and I planted some more flowers in the yard, and now we are sitting peacefully watching Pirates of the Carribean II.

I went to see III with the daughter this weekend, and it was WONDERFUL! :) It was way better than Part 2 (although my hubby solidly argues that 2 and 3 are parts of the same movie - and he's right). What a RIDE part 3 is! Can't wait to see it again.

But, in the meantime, it's lights out and nighty night.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

It was rainy, but I got some gardening done after all

I go forever without posting anything to this blog, and then, all of a sudden, I can't shut up. But that's okay. I think I'm coming back to being more like my old self. I'm feeling better, I'm doing more, my house is looking a lot better for it, and, in general, I'm in a much better mood.

So I wanted to get some gardening done this weekend, but yesterday there was the matter of a party to attend at the home of my office administrator, and I didn't want to get too dirty or too involved in anything. So, yesterday I got up and cleaned off the patio furniture and the patio. It looks great...the grill, the table, the chairs, the benches, the desk that I put out there last year as a sort of place to store all the grill tools and as a staging area for having BBQ guests...all clean now. The cedar table and chairs is ready for a coat of oil now too. That table and chairs was gifen to us by a dude who used to work at Stoel as a professional "schmoozer" - he was about 5 ft. tall and was a guy who had turned the short man's complex to his financial advantage by being a smarmy used-car salesman. Every time he came in to talk to me at the officde I felt like I was on the front row in a comedy club with all the one liners and long stories he could lay out...but I digress.

So that was yesterday, but today was going to be for mowing the lawn, clearing out the flower beds and planting some new annuals. But when Kristopher and I left the house for Lowe's this morning, it started raining and we came back home because it wasn't any fun to go out and look at flowers with the rain falling on me and the wind blowing...yech. So I came home and finished the Aphrodite I just posted about.

Okay...so I didn't want to give up on my idea of planting some flowers - so I decided to at least plant out the porch. So here are some pictures....after that, I watched the Sopranos.

Lookie What I Did Today...

So I have this Aprhodite statue that I inherited from a friend of mine - he's a friend who's burned a lot of bridges and isn't well thought of by the people we hang out with, but I still like him. Anyway, when he gave up Paganism for whatever religion he is investigating this week, and he gave me this statue. She's lovely, and I had cleaned her up and fixed her a little then put her in a shell and put her outside. She looked okay in her original paintjob - but I thought that she would be a lot prettier if I painted her more lifelike and painted the dolphins etc....

Here's how she looked before I got started

this is the front view.

This is the back.

And so here is how she looks like now that she's all painted up:

This is her newly painted front.
And this, is her newly painted backside. Check out the "newly spanked" pink of her little rear-end. OKAY! Yes....I'm a pervert. Tee hee!

So I think she looks a lot prettier. Doens't hurt anything to have an altar to aphrodite in your house. I'm a young woman she still has quite a lot to offer me. ;) And now, with her new coat of paint she's mine all mine.

We're sitting here watching The Sopranos...we're on Season 4 and I think we are on episode 5. It's a good show.

Okay, guess I'm gonna call it a wrap on this entry.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Howdy Doody

Don't have a picture today - though I should. I took some recently but haven't moved them off of the camera. It's that old laziness thing. :)

Went over to an old friend's house for dinner last night. This dude is a long-time bachelor - though not "confirmed" - as he would like to find a nice Catholic girl and settle down, but just hasn't yet. Anyway, he grilled some chicken for us and stir-fried some fresh green beans and made some gooey rice. Oh well....for a bachelor, he did a great job. And one of the best parts is he got along with my husband pretty well. Not an easy feat most of the time - though I have to admit that the hubby was on his best behavior yesterday.

So, tonight is the hearing for my daughter's diversion. Every teenaged kid in Washington state gets one free pass to commit a minor crime. Too bad hers is being used up on something as stupid as a erroneous accusation of "obstruction" when she had her accident and the police believed that she was lying when she said she was driving - all in the name of protecting her idiot boyfriend. **sigh** I hope it is over quickly and quietly. This is an exercise in logic, however, for her. She figured out all on her own that even if she was able to make the police believe that she was, in fact, the driver of that vehicle on the day of the accident, she would STILL be charged with obstruction because she lied to them about her boyfriend's name and tried to shine them on about him even being in the car at all. I can't imagine having the brass as a teenager to lie to the police. I was kinda wild, but lie to the police? No....I really don't think so.

So the new job is going pretty well. I'm learning lots of stuff and getting to do interesting work. It's an adjustment, but what isn't. I miss my old office and my old friends. There is no goofing off in my new position - well, very, very little. And I kinda like that. Oh! Break's over....gotta go.

Take care and thanks for reading!