Thursday, May 17, 2007

Howdy Doody

Don't have a picture today - though I should. I took some recently but haven't moved them off of the camera. It's that old laziness thing. :)

Went over to an old friend's house for dinner last night. This dude is a long-time bachelor - though not "confirmed" - as he would like to find a nice Catholic girl and settle down, but just hasn't yet. Anyway, he grilled some chicken for us and stir-fried some fresh green beans and made some gooey rice. Oh well....for a bachelor, he did a great job. And one of the best parts is he got along with my husband pretty well. Not an easy feat most of the time - though I have to admit that the hubby was on his best behavior yesterday.

So, tonight is the hearing for my daughter's diversion. Every teenaged kid in Washington state gets one free pass to commit a minor crime. Too bad hers is being used up on something as stupid as a erroneous accusation of "obstruction" when she had her accident and the police believed that she was lying when she said she was driving - all in the name of protecting her idiot boyfriend. **sigh** I hope it is over quickly and quietly. This is an exercise in logic, however, for her. She figured out all on her own that even if she was able to make the police believe that she was, in fact, the driver of that vehicle on the day of the accident, she would STILL be charged with obstruction because she lied to them about her boyfriend's name and tried to shine them on about him even being in the car at all. I can't imagine having the brass as a teenager to lie to the police. I was kinda wild, but lie to the police? No....I really don't think so.

So the new job is going pretty well. I'm learning lots of stuff and getting to do interesting work. It's an adjustment, but what isn't. I miss my old office and my old friends. There is no goofing off in my new position - well, very, very little. And I kinda like that. Oh! Break's over....gotta go.

Take care and thanks for reading!

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