Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lookie What I Did Today...

So I have this Aprhodite statue that I inherited from a friend of mine - he's a friend who's burned a lot of bridges and isn't well thought of by the people we hang out with, but I still like him. Anyway, when he gave up Paganism for whatever religion he is investigating this week, and he gave me this statue. She's lovely, and I had cleaned her up and fixed her a little then put her in a shell and put her outside. She looked okay in her original paintjob - but I thought that she would be a lot prettier if I painted her more lifelike and painted the dolphins etc....

Here's how she looked before I got started

this is the front view.

This is the back.

And so here is how she looks like now that she's all painted up:

This is her newly painted front.
And this, is her newly painted backside. Check out the "newly spanked" pink of her little rear-end. OKAY! Yes....I'm a pervert. Tee hee!

So I think she looks a lot prettier. Doens't hurt anything to have an altar to aphrodite in your house. I'm a young woman she still has quite a lot to offer me. ;) And now, with her new coat of paint she's mine all mine.

We're sitting here watching The Sopranos...we're on Season 4 and I think we are on episode 5. It's a good show.

Okay, guess I'm gonna call it a wrap on this entry.

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