Sunday, April 29, 2007

Woooo Hooo!

Look what I got today....

shocks, kickstand, pretty light yellow color.....lucky! :) I got myself a Trek bike at the Gregg's cycle that opened up near us a few months ago. Along with the cycle, I got a trainer so I can ride in the living room and get my strength up so I can better ride on the street. I need to rehab this knee of mine and strengthen the other one so I can put off having another surgery for longer, so, I guess I had to spend some money. This was a much better option than having to purchase an indoor exercise bike that clutters up the place 24/7. This way, i can bring in the trainer, set up the bike, ride it after work during the week, then take it off the trainer and ride it out on the street on the weekend. I hope it works. I certainly spent enough money!

Oh well, just wanted to show you my bike. Now I'm gonna go out and sell my treadmill on Craig's List as well as a traimer that I don't need. Don't need it cuz I bought it off of the Craig's list and it woulnd't fit the new bike I bought at the Cycle shop. :( I'm also gonna sell my Nintendo DS. I don't really want to sit around looking at a tiny little screen.

Blessed be! Talk to ya'll soon.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Let the Good Times Roll

April 22 2007

Let them knock you around....let the good times roll....let them make you a clown....

Now, personally, I think that Rick O'Casick crapped out on that last line, copping to something that almost rhymed but didn't quite...but probably sounded preeeeetty good whilst stoned out of your gourd. But it's a cool friggin' song anyway.

I'm working on building up my third laptop in 9 months. 9 months ago my long beloved one was stolen, then I got a temp replacement from my office and had to turn it back on this last week. Now I have a new one. I've popped some more ram in and it's ready to go. I did, however, with my cowgirl ways of turning back computers wind up losing a few things. Among them a license to my ftp upload program. :( I just bought the license about six months ago and now the key is gone with the wind. I uninstalled it from the old laptop, and when I changed jobs recently, deleted about a bazillion emails from my work account. It is highly likely that the license key one was among them. oh well. Software is volitile stuff.

Of course there is all kinds of software to be reloaded. I am a member of Rhapsody music service, and I don't have that on here....I have a wonderful digital camera that I got for my birthday in December of last year that has to have software to hum on this new machine - so that's one of the things I'm gonna be doing this weekend. Getting this new box into "Asradel" shape.

Didn't have much to say - just wanted to check in on my blog. Bought another pile of shit car for my daughter last weekend. So far she has spent 250 fixing up a 500 dollar car, and there is much more to go.