Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Wednesday...

Apparently I CAN add images today...yay for meh! And thank goodness too because there is really no help for Blogger...and not that I'm complaining because it is I tell you.

Okay, what you're seeing here is a pic of my big box of crayons that I keep in my office. Back about a decade ago when I took my first job as a software trainer, the senior trainer sent me a box of crayons in the interoffice mail. She said that they reminded her of the first day of school, and whenever she needed to knuckle-down and learn something, she would huff on these little waxy sticks and it would put her in the appropriate head-space for learning and teaching. So I'm huffin' crayons today. I'm not teaching anyone, but I want to get in that knowledge acquisition mode.

Also, I had a nice experience this morning when a guy at the O-to-Go place where I get my morning noms gave me a free packet of honey peanut butter. I had my dollar all out and he just gave me my receipt for my oatmeal, and told me that it was okay. Behold, free peanut butter. Why am I showing you my free peanut butter? Well, because I'm not a 20 year old hot chick who gets free shit all the time. They may get free drinks, and free dinners and never have to pay a cover charge, but that's not the reality of my life. So, the free peanut butter was a big deal. lol!

Also, a friend of mine went to Florida and went to Disney World and the Kennedy Space Center and had a great time. She came back all tan and shit....and she brought back a couple of really cutie things for me. Behold the space shuttle that is a thumb drive...

So, way cool...Happy Wednesday to all.

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