Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ooooh! Lookie here! A Baby Kitty

Isn't she sweet? Her name, so far, is Squeak. :) She may tell us something different later, but for now that's what it is. She is three months old and just as cute as she can possibly be. I went and got her while Kristopher was off racing on Sunday. He was very happy when he got home. My daughter, who normally doesn't like anything I do or say or think, actually said yesterday that I picked good kitties. :) High praise, baby.

Not too much new going on otherwise. Kristopher and I are eagerly awaiting the next disc of The Sopranos to arrive in the mail. That should be some time tomorrow since I got the email notification from Blockbuster today. I couldn't believe it...I actually ordered HBO so I could get HBO on demand and, I thought, watch ALL of the Soprano episodes. However, evidently, that's not how the whole "on demand" thing works. There are only so many legacy episodes you can watch, and Kristopher and I still lack a whole discs worth before we can start watching what's available on the cable service. Oh well. It's not a very expensive addiction, so I guess I'm not worried.

So I went to a Trainer's Symposium today and learned about Office 2007. Lemme tell ya, any anxiety or weepiness I was feeling about giving up my training job went out the window when I saw these apps. They are really going to be a tough sell to the general computing populus around here.
Well, about time for me to get on home. Yay! See ya later.

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