Friday, March 17, 2006

Here at Eva's

Eva, that's my sister there with me....ell, she gave me some perfume today, because I told her that I smell bad, and therefore, cannot get full time employment nor enjoy any of the other benefits of being in polite society. She caved in, gave me the perfume AND the lotion as well as 20 bucks and a bottle of pain killers! Now how's THAT for makin' out great the last day of vacation. Booo Yahhh!

So now we're gonna go to Ditch Witch! I can't wait. We're gonna get the coolest shirts and other ditch witch crap you ever saw. :)
Hooo Rayyy!

Well, we got back from the Ditch Witch place where the guy must've thought we were cute 'cause he gave us free stuff. My crippled up old sister up there couldn't walk the stairs and so we had to be taken the back way like freight down to the basement where all the shirts and shit are....anyway, it was fun and we got a lot of stuff. Again, the sister bought all my stuff. She's pretty sweet, even if it's really painful for me to admit it. I'm gonna hate to leave.

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