Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Do What You Love, and No Tellin' What You'll Wind Up Drivin'

Hi-deee Ho! Well, it's January 24, 2006 and all is right with the world. I am at work, lunch time just beginning for me - the first part of which I will take to write a few words on ye olde blogspot. The picture you see here was taken on Sunday when my daughter and I went out for coffee and were driving around together. I mortified my 16-year old by chasing these old dudes down and leaping from the car and asking if I could take their picture. This is the result:

The camera, however, did not capture the look of absolute joy that was on these guys' faces. This is an accomplishment for them. They are building this car themselves, it is a work in progress and you could tell that them taking it out for a spin was some kind of victory dance. Maybe it was the first time it had been out of the garage. I regret not sticking around and asking them more questions about it, but hindsight is always 20/20. At the time it seemed enough just to get the picture. It was also pretty amusing to have my daughter all hunkered down in her seat, writhing in her embarrassment over her over-bold mom. :) She is also a Saggitarius, but not yet a full-grown one. Time will show her the nads she needs to do stuff like this, and how much fun it can be.

I just wanted to show off these old geezers who are making a cool little car and totally enjoying themselves.

Ciao and blessed be, baby!

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