Tuesday, January 17, 2006

2006 is Well Under Way

I haven't read a single piece of news since the beginning of the year and I can't actually say that I intend to. Keeping up with current events was one of my loosely formulated notions which passed for a sort of resolution this year. Let's see, I want to keep more informated (yeah....) about what is going on in the world around me, lose 20 pounds of fat and take on 100 pounds of confidence - you know...THAT sort of thing.

Keeping up with current events, however, is a double-edged sword and I know it is. I remember from the days when I was politically active and, by virtue of being vocal and interested, wound up being a delegate to the state convention for the party I was interested in at the time (no...I can't tell you which one that was because I can't fucking stand the idea of ever having been so sheared off at the ears as to have been a registered, card-carrying Republican. Blech, kak!)

But, again, as ever, I digress....back to the double-edged sword: I think you can actually cause your blood pressure to rise to dangerous levels by keeping up with what's going on out there. Those bumper stickers that say "if you're not pissed off, you're not paying attention" are absolutely 100% CORRECT. And, who the hell needs that kind of grief in their lives. My life is full and busy without knowing what's going on, but then there's a rub there. The rub is that this friggin' country could be invaded tomorrow and I wouldn't have any idea what was going on. I wouldn't be able to see it coming, because I've had my head in the sand so long I don't know which way the wind is coming from.

What is the point of this discussion....absolutely none. Like the rest of this blog, it is a wank. A way to get it out of my head. Blogger is a penseive for the masses - Professor Dumbledore's got nothin' on us, baby. Instead of sticking a wand up by our ears and trailing the thoughts out of our heads into smoking cauldrons, we put them on blogspots where they are never read nor accessed by anyone (except perhaps those who are with homeland security and are completely bored out of their skulls from having to look at this idiotic drivel all day) except perhaps by ourselves. We may want to go in and look at these thoughts again someday, and that's what the blogger is good for.

Thank you, blogger. I appreciate the fact that I can divest myself of my mental crappola in a public forum and come back and see it later.


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