Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Woo Hoo! Claire de Lune Sounds Decent!

Yay! I've been working on friggin' Claire de Lune for about six weeks, and it's finally starting to not sound like complete ass.

I've got an .mp3 of it, but I don't see a way to upload .mp3s to blogger. Bummer. I wouldn't have minded sharing this one. Even though I don't know how to use my recorder very well yet, and there's no piano accomp...accomp...accompaniest. **grin** You'd know what the hell I was talking about if you saw "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou" about 20 times. I can't make a video for shit. I did about ten of them and none of them would upload to youtube. I can't believe it. I guess I'll have to buy my own digital movie camera to make that happen. Or get my buddy who's in feeeelm school to come over and record me.

I'm starting to get my sound back though - yay! I'm so glad. I was worried there for a while. I've been practicing pretty heavily for the past 4 months, and wasn't noticing what I thought was a reasonable amount of improvement until very lately. Past couple of weeks. I've been getting good, encouraging comments from my teacher, and that's good. I LOVE playin' the flute. I enjoy looking at them on their stands too. I put in about 90 minutes this evening and that was on top of my 45 minute lesson, so I don't feel bad that I'm just looking at them and not playing them. I was telling Kristopher that I need to buy a third flute stand because I can't get all three of them out at once. I'm really hoping I can figure out how I'm going to play while I'm out after my foot surgery. The biggest hurdle has been cleared in that my instructor has agreed to come to the house for my August and September lessons. So at least I get to continue.

It occurred to me that I never put up any pictures of my adventures at the Seattle Flute Festival back in April. Just wasn't doing much blogging in that month - anyway, no time like the present.

The Seattle Flute Festival was held a the Town Hall in Seattle, and they couldn't have picked a better place. I love the Town Hall. I saw a historical actor protray Thomas Jefferson there once and the atmosphere really made the thing. But I digress. Might as well start off with a little Greg Patillo. He was the featured artist for the Festival. OMG! Look at the time....I'm gonna have to continue this tomorrow. But here's Greg anyway.

Greg's an amazing flutist and he does quite a bit more than just play stright, melodious flute. He's a beat-boxing flutist, and his stuff's all over youtube.

Anyway, we will continue this later. It's almost midnight and it's a worknight!

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