Monday, July 06, 2009

4-Day Weekend Winding Down....

My second Gemeinhardt flute ad came in today. It's black and white and I don't care for it as much as the color one I got a couple of weeks ago, but it's a nice addition to the wall. I have it hanging up with my Haynes ad tacked above it. Pretty cool with the statues of the composers and the candleabra...Well, candle "thing" anyway.

I took today off to go along with the 3-day weekend for the 4th of July. We had a really quiet one this year. We didn't spend any money on fireworks or go anywhere this weekend. We pretty much stayed in and wtached DVDs and Kristopher did his homework and I did my flute practicing. Life is good. I started to go in today, but wound up just bagging in and staying home. Who knows how many more opportunities I'll get to just say home and play my flutes. Which, that and cooking is pretty much all I've done today and I'm happy about that. I got up around 10, and after my shower and protein shake, came into the music/exercise room and played for over five hours. I honestly lost count. I'm going to call it five hours in my practice book, though I'm certain it's more like 7. Seems to be the only thing I'm interested in doing lately, so I guess I'm just gonna do it and not question it too much.

Friday morning I was surprised by a visit from Tim Allen and my little doll-baby Meara. They are so cute together. I really enjoyed their visit. We took Meara out to the backyard where she swung in the hammock. It was a blast. The picture here is one I took about a week ago over at their house. I didn't bring out the camera while they were here on Friday - but it's a fresh picture and you get the idea. I love her hair!
She is certainly the apple of Gammy's eye.
After Meara and Tim Allen headed out for Sally's where Meara was spending the rest of the day, Kristopher and I went to Macy's and bought the sofa and loveseat we had been looking at a couple of weeks ago when we bought the bed. Our very first new furniture together. It was really a no-brainer when you sat down on it. When I do wind up having the surgery on my foot, this stuff is going to be a great thing to have around for recovery time. It won't be delivered until the end of the month. When it is, you can bet your ass I'll get a picture of it up here.

Yesterday, we had salmon made out on the grill. Here's a picture of my little man watching over the fish planks.

Andrea did a little barbeque yesterday and had a couple of her friends over and invited me as well. She didn't decide to actually do it until pretty late in the day, so we had already done the salmon, but I went over for a visit later on anyway. It was great to see her and she seems pretty happy in her new living situation. The guy who is renting the room to her seems pretty nice, and, so far, no pervert-dom has risen to the surface.

Well, tomorrow is another day and one where I am going my happy ass to work. 4 days off has been good for me. Today was especially good to just be here and enjoy being quiet and on my own. Now I'm going into the living room to watch Transformers with the man. We went to see Transformers II over the weekend and were both disappointed. But Transformers I is da bomb!

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