Friday, July 10, 2009

Man! What the Hell is Goin' On?

What's up with all the bad ju-ju bullshit lately? Let's see....I've had nothing but bullshit and hassles with my health, a bit of which I've chronicled fuckin' car got keyed in the parking lot of the park-n-ride last week, my brother-in-law who had a very complicated shoulder surgery where they grafted cadaver bones in to help support what had deteriorated, pulled all of the grafts lose when he was trying to work on a piece of machinery at his work, well after he was cleared to go back, and now has to have another surgery to re-do what he has un-done. That would be completely horrible. My nephew burned his eyes by welding with a mask that had gone faulty in the middle of his job, and now my brother-in-law is going to have to undergo a series of rabies shots because he tried to help a feral kitten and the bumble fucks at the city, they live in Wenatchee, killed the kitten immediately, but mishandled the remains so they couldn't do the rabies test after all. So, shots for the brother in law. And I guess they are still the same as they were at the turn of the fuckin' century (not the most recent one) and so will be given to him in his stomach over the course of three injections. Oh! and a church-mate's husband had a heart attack last night. ENOUGH ALREADY! FOR FUCK'S SAKE! This niggling and eating and biting with bad shit happening needs to STOP.

Okay...there. I've said my piece. Beyond that, it is Friday...oh sacred, oh blessed, oh thou glorious and singularly holy FRIDAY. Needless to say, I am looking forward to the weekend. Not because I have anything planned, but because I will not be at work. Work hasn't been that bad this week, actually. I've gotten a lot done, and am planning to get a lot done today also. I've already downloaded one new software update, and am getting ready to do another. then I'm going to do some billable work. Then I'm going to see the surgeon for my make-up appointment, and hopefully get a surgery date set to get this foot taken care of. Enough is enough already.

Well, I wish everyone reading this a Happy Friday. And may only GOOD come your way.

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Kristopher Skelton said...

Just to clarify, different brothers-in-law with teh kitteh bites and the rebuilt shoulders. Because if one person has both things happen to them in the span of a few weeks, I don't think anyone would blame them from trying to find out what a bullet looks like when it's coming out of a gun.