Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Spam Blogs and Remote Car Key Responsibity

My other blog, about my course of spinal treatment, was blocked today as a possible spam blog. Weird. I didn't know what a spam blog was until now. I guess these assholes who have been filling our mailboxes for years now with all manner of crap have taken to automating blog production and blog entry for the purpose of setting link traps to get people to click to go to a single site. How fuckn' stupid can you be? Stop it already, assholes...don't we have ENOUGH meaningless and usesless shit out here? Hmm? Why put more? Knock it the fuck off. Who wants to navigate a trash heap? Another excellent example of how a few assholes can ruin it for everyone else. I think Google is doing a great job by flagging anything that might possibly be one of these sites. I don't mind having my other blog locked where I can't write to it for a couple of days to help keep that kind of lame crap from proliferating all over the Internet. Besides - blogs are cool and it's nice to have them around. If this kind of stuff is allowed to run rampant, even a company as rich as Google won't be able to keep up with the server load demand. Okay...that's all I've got to say about that. Oh, and I'll be sure to put a link to my spinal decompression blog in here later.

And now on to the next topic. Remote repsonsibility for car keys.

This one requires a little bit of explanation. I shall now provide that. Ready? Of course you are. Remote responsibility for car keys refers to the phenomenon of my daughter believing that it was my fault she locked her car keys in her car on the same day that she asked me to give her my key to her car because she had come so close to locking them in there before. When she asked me earlier that day to give her that set of keys, I simply told that she had to be careful and not do that, because I was not giving her the set of keys I have to her car since I am still a co-signer on the loan for that car. Now I know that is extremely unreasonable of me. Call me crazy. My 18-year old daughter who has shown such vast amounts of responsible behavior could not possibly ever default on that car and put my credit at risk. So yeah...she winds up locking her keys in her car with both her and her dad's dog inside. And then she proceeds to call me up and yell at me with a "hope you're happy" kind of tone. She also informed me that if I wasn't going to give her my key, I should at least have the decency to buy her another one because this lock smith was going to cost her money. Okay. Now there you have it. I am somehow remotely responsible for what she does with her car key, and it is MY fault that she locked that key in her car. Does anyone else see the point here? Does anyone else see that she never once thought about it being HER responsibility to be careful and NOT lock her keys in her car. I don't know. I just wonder about the girl sometimes. Her brother was over here on Sunday and he was talking about how he remembered how when Andrea was little, and basically all through her life until her father and I divorced back in 2001, she pretty much got any and every thing she asked for. She would cry for it if that's what it took, but most of the time when she was with her dad, that was unnecessary. And now the sense of entitlement is enormous. I am seeing that things are getting somewhat better with that sort o thing as she has to struggle to do as she wishes and faces up to the consequences - but we still sometimes get gems like "remote responsibility for car keys."

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