Monday, October 20, 2008

Fuck Halloween Candy!

Well, I am a great lover of Halloween - and normally, I don't have any trouble resisting the Halloween candy. However, over the course of the past couple of weeks, I seem to have developed quite the taste for the evil shit. I ate 1000 calories worth of it yesterday. Between the evil Halloween candy and my simpering inability to resist eating it and the fact that the doctor has taken me off of all exercises while my disks heal, I should be whale sized by the time my treatments are done. Well, that's not gonna happen. If I so much as look at one piece of that shit tonight, I'm taking the whole lot of it and throwing it in the trash can. Kristopher and I talked about it, and I think he's about ready to do the same thing. We've had enough for this season, that much is certain. (I think that I had enough for the season YESTERDAY!) Okay...I just wanted to check in and say what I had to say. I forgive myself for my infractions to date because I was getting off of pain killers. Okay. I'm all done with those (they are evil of a different color - but evil to be sure - especially when you are having to stop them.

But on the brighter side.... I don't feel like I need sugar OR pain killers today, so I may be out of the woods. And happy to be out of the woods am I.

Alrighty then! Everyone reading this have a great day.

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Luna said...

Seriously, if I can't stop shoveling this candy corn into my mouth, they are going to have to widen my front door to get me out! Can you believe I started a diet at this fucking time of year? Seriously, what was I thinking?