Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Friggin' Valentine's Day Ya'll

Well, here we are again, another Hallmark Holiday. I have my problems with these things that feed the florists and the card manufacturers....but then again, there is a place for it in society. Especially a society like the one we live in today where it's hard enough to remember to say hello and be there for your family that LIVES IN YOUR HOUSE , much less have time to acknowledge your friends, your extended family, your parents, etc... Valentines Day is a good holiday for not only acknowledging your sweetheart, but taking the time to say "Be My Valentine" to all your friends as well. Remember how we used to do it in school, with all the cheesy valentines and the white bags and the construction paper? That was pretty cool. So, I've made you all a Valentine to remind you of those times. Here it is:

Happy Valentines' Day ya'll, and may you get a great big kiss from that special someone or someone(s) on your heart throb list. I know I will be getting my share! OH! Was that out loud?

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