Tuesday, August 10, 2010

There is a real Asshole in my Comm Class

What a jack-ass this mo-fo is. He's on his last quarter here at the UW and has the biggest mouth and the hardest head and the narrowest vision I've ever seen since Ive been in college.

So we are talking about listening in today's class. There is a researcher who is studying communication patterns of the Blackfeet Native Americans out on the mesas of the Dakotas. He is studying how they listen to trees and other aspects of nature. I, personally believe that this is a valid form of research and a valid form of listening. But, boy.... you should have heard these people in here. They are all about being complete absolutists....there is no gray area with these people - they are all "if it is not emperically sound - if you cannot see it, smell it or touch it, and cannot scientifically prove it then it's not real and therefore has no place in academia." Morons! Your bus is leaving... We don't fully understand the workings of a human brain, we don't fully understand particle physics....some of the greatest minds in history have attempted to ascertain the mind of God. Is that empirical? Undergrad ass-baskets, wake up! I have no patience for tiny-minded people. **sigh** I will be glad when this quarter is over. Over! Ahhh! I had to roll a professor under the bus for ignoring everyone in the online class, I have had to do homework almost every night and write more papers than I wrote in my entire school career up to this quarter, and I am puked of it! Ahhh!

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