Monday, April 04, 2005


I was going to use this blog to talk strictly about Witchcraft and it's rising star in the United States, but I see that no one is commenting on this thread, and maybe that's the way of things with blogs - guess I'm used to newsgroups and message boards which have a lot more activity - and that may be the way I go with things if this blog doesn't generate some interest within the next few months. Anyway, basically what I want to talk about today is spellwork. I don't want to go into a long, drawn-out tretise on it, I just want to say that it is only a small part of Witchcraft as a whole. Doing spells and incantations is a lovely, rich part of Witchcraft that is like prayer in other religions. If you need something as a witch, you may think it best to create a spell to bring that thing about. You would gather the herbs and the words and you would cast your spell at a time that was astrologically favorable to your purpose. And then, you let it go. You let the universe and the herb beings go about what they were set to do. You don't worry about it any more - and you go on with your life as you were before you cast the spell. Spellwork is a very powerful part of witchcraft. A witch friend of mine and I were talking about this just yesterday. One of the things were were lamenting is that modern life doesn't leave a lot of time of occult practice - as occult practice can be very time consuming. But simple spells can be done with little or no preparation - and they can be done with the aid of no other thing than the sheer force of your will. Well, I have to get back to my daily grind - I have a newsletter to write and get published. Ciao for now! - Az

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