Wednesday, March 23, 2005

In the Beginning

Hello - welcome to my blog. This is my first posting and I am creating this blog as result of reading an article written by a novice blogger in a legal publication. He seemed so enrapt with the idea of being able to express and share his ideas and expertise, it was infectuous. So here I am.

This blog is going to be about witchcraft, Wicca, and the rise of paganism in its' many forms in the United States. You are welcome to comment on anything you read here, and I will, of course, read what you have written. Be warned, however, that no hate-mongering will be tolerated here. If you post something that bashes or otherwise displays intolerance of my, or anyone else's religion, it will be deleted. Otherwise, freedom of speech is alive and well on my blog - so long as the webmasters will allow it, so will I.

Today's offering will be brief:

What is Witchcraft?
Witchcraft is the practice of a pagan way of life and religion comprised of many and various elements. There are as many different types of witches and witchcraft as there are Christians with their various beliefs. Think of it for a moment - there are Catholics (certainly Christian), Mormons (yep - Christian), Baptists (again, Christian) and literally dozens more under the broad umbrella of Christianity. Each of these religions share some very fundamental concepts and core beliefs, but are wildly different in practice. And so it is with Witchcraft.

Stay tuned for more. I will be back to post more in the next couple of days.

Until then, Bright Blessings,

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