Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Gods Need Us and We Need Them

If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one to hear it, does it make a sound? An age old philosophical question that pretty much sums up the subject of today's entry. The Gods need worshippers in order to thrive and be powerful. Why would this be? Yaweh doesn't need this to exist - Jehovah doesn't need worshippers to thrive and be powerful you might argue - but it would be a short-sighted argument indeed. Think to two-thousand years into the future. What if by that time Christianity has been diminished to a few faithful? The tenets of the religion just a dusty tatters of the tapestry of beliefs that existed only a few millenia ago, and another religion, with a totally different deity and/or savior now standing in its place. A very different picture, huh? Who would remember who Jesus was? Who would buy into the whole death and rebirth and assumption into heaven thing? When you think about it that wayBasically the gods need us to remember what they are all about. Bear in mind at all times that "all gods are one" in Witchcraft and that we are talking about aspects of that one god or power here. When you worship a deity, whichever deity(ies) you see fit to worship, you give power to that deity. Power by recognition, power by calling the name. Power by thinking of them over and over. By doing these things, you give power to and revive their particular aspect of the great power. In return, they are better able to grant you your prayers and petitions. Sound crazy? Well, it might, but it isn't. It's nothing more than the natural law of like drawing like to itself. On the astral plane, we create our own reality - we create our own afterlife, our own rewards, our own punishments. And, in a way, by worshipping them, we create our gods. Think about it. 'Til next time. - Az

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