Monday, April 26, 2010

Full Time Work, Full Time School, Part Time Insanity

Hi all,
I don't have time to blog anymore...I don't know how anyone DOES. Well, I guess if I weren't taking 15 hours at the UW, I would maybe have a few free minutes. But, I'm trying to get my degree finished up this year, and will certainly do it. I'm very glad to be accomplishing that before the 30% hike in tuition and fees goes into effect. I got an email from the provosts' office that says it's going to do just that. Already a 5-credit course there is $1,480.00. You do the math. And it's a state-friggin' school! But it's a pretty state friggin' school. Check out this picture of Denny Hall taken on a blustery April afternoon before class.

I have a class in this building called "A Comparative Study of Death." It's a great 300 level Anthropology class that I'm enjoying very much. Taught by a professor who's been around a while, it's a very interesting class indeed. But to walk up to this building and have that particular class in it is just so Addam's Family. I think it's extremely cool.

Currently, I am sitting in the "Husky Den" at the HUB here on the UW campus. I just got finished with a mid-term exam in Communications Law. I think I did okay - especially since my son came over and bugged me for a couple of hours to help fill out insurance forms for his work, and then I threw more study time on the fire by sitting around and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes with Topher until it was 10:30 or so. I had an exam in logic last night as well as some work on my Anthropology paper - all of this left about 1.5 hours for study on the material that was covered on the Communications mid-term. But I'd spent 3 hours studying for it on Sunday, so I still felt pretty good. So, I'm off to my favorite class (the Death class mentioned above). I wonder what Dr. Green has in store for us tonight. We shall see...Buwahahahahaha! I know we've got a cemetery tour coming up here in a couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to it and hoping that Tophie will come along.

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