Monday, February 01, 2010

Train People, Constitutional Law and a Bad Foot

Hello all... I'm sorry it's been so long since i had anything to say. Bizzy-bizzy-bizzy 'round our house. Lots going on and getting a lot accomplished.

I've been working out of our Portland office a bit, and my favorite way of getting down to P-town is to take the train. Gotta love Amtrak. I always feel so good riding the train. I'm saving gas...I'm getting work done (worked all that morning from basically 7:30 until I rolled in about 11:00). Yes, that's a very long time, but still....stuff was getting done. I would have, no doubt, spent three or slightly more hours getting there by plane, and couldn't even have gotten out my lappy or used my phone. So there! And, I would not have seen anythign nearly as cool as what I'm sharing with you here in this picture. This ia a photo of a leave-behind balloon sculpture done by a scruffy (and from wht the train employees said, smelly) Grizzly Adams lookin' dude. He was just sitting in the dining car, twisting up balloons, and when I got up to get a coffee, I saw this sitting there.

Ah! Constitutional Law class just let out, so I gotta go. But I wanted to get this up. Have a good night, and I will try to make it sooner than eight weeks when I post another of these.

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