Sunday, June 01, 2008

And Next . . . Pinky!

Well, it seems that my husband has awakened something in me that has been dormant for quite a very long time - in fact, something I had worked pretty hard to actually bury. He has awakened . . . The Cracker! lol!

Seems that Kristopher has been bitten by the firearms bug. Now, I have to tell you that my Dad was a HUGE gun enthusiast when he was alive. Granted, he died when I was 10 years old, but I remember going out to the firing range with him and my mom and brother on a few occassions. I couldn't drive you to that firing range if I was sitting on my ass in a running car in Ardmore, Oklahoma right now, but I can describe it to you quite clearly. Anyway, my Dad died in his shop working on reloading some rounds. He really enjoyed messin' with guns. He was in there with my uncle and croaked. He was 47 years old. My mom sold off his gun collection with the help of my brother, and I know that it paid quite a lot of mom's outstanding bills to do so. After Dad was gone, there was none of the gun stuff in the house any longer, and we had very little contact with my brother, so that "manly" stuff was just out. When I got older and got into guys, I knew that I certainly didn't want the "hunting and fishing and gun sports" type. I didn't want the type that watched football either. I'm not sure what I wanted - I guess someone who was sophisticated - maybe a musician or an artist or whatever other lofty idealistic horseshit I had in my head at the time.

So anyway, skip to present. My husband has taken an interest in rifle sports and has bought a .22 cal rifle. He also bought gun safety and basic rifle classes for both of us at the Kenmore gun range. Well, we had rifle class this past weekend and I really enjoyed it. Ib even did pretty good shooting. Kris and I have been out shooting since then too. So, itn was only logical that I get a gun so that we can both dive in anbd do our qualification shooting. So, I bought myself a rifle. It's the cutest little Remington .22 cal you've ever seen. In fact, here's a picture of it. :)

Anyway - there she is. She should be in to the firearms dealer by Tuesday. We have a range meeting that night, so there's a chance I'll get to pick her up then. But it's just after 1:00 a.m., and I think I'll go to bed. We didn't eat dinner 'til around 10:00. I miscalculasted the cook time on a big turkey breast I was cooking up for us - so there it is. But still - how late can you stay up?

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