Sunday, January 14, 2007

Yipppee! It's 2007

So it's Sunday, January 13, and I've been sitting around the house just enjoying all the things that life here at the house has to offer since about 9:00. and more coffee (probably not the best thing in the world for me), and working on my web pages and writing a bit. I'm going to be entering a novel writing contest on ta interweb very soon. I just discovered today that the complete novels that I had housed on my domain site are now gone. Probably as a result of a move to another server and rules that did not capture then since they were outside of the main folder where my other web pages were kept.

Oh well, one more challenge. I have to get the computer I was using at the time out of the closet and boot it up and get the data moved VIA FLOPPY DISK to a jump drive and then to this laptop. It's hard to believe that it has been 11 years since I did any creative writing....seriously....any at all. That's really strange because I spent all the years of my adult life in the south writing on SOMETHING....then, I move up here, and as though it was a price to be paid for the moving and the prosperity of the new life I had found in the Pacific Northwest, the muse dried up and there was nothing. I finalized The Invoker and The Secret Year after I arrived here, but the most creative writing I've actually DONE since we rolled into town 13 years ago are some short stories. Un-be-fuckin'-lievable....lemme tell ya.

But 2007 is gonna see me return to the pen a bit I think. At least that is the hope. I'ts gonna be a big year with the Crescent Scouts as I perform my Sabbat cycle....and I think that that is gonna give me some impetus to do some creative work. Or at least that's the hope.

Anyway, wanted to check in on the's either that or delete the damn thing. I am harshly reminded of the transient nature of digital data with the loss of my novels out on my website. Of course, this would not have been a problem had my personal laptop not been stolen in August of 2006. It was part of the data that I move around from one machine to the other as I change year after that chain has been broken and I have to go back to the source machine. I wonder if I will have to burn incense and chant while I try to boot it up. It is, after all a 13 year old computer. But it was a Gateway from back in the day when Gateway meant superior components, so I have great faith.

Well, I guess I'll get to it. I gotta pull the box out of the closet in our library/computer room and send some sparks to it and see what I can get cookin.

Bright blessings to all who read this and all who touch their lives.


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