Friday, December 01, 2006

Winter Comes to the Pacific Northwest

So I've been living here in the Pacific Northwest for about 13 years now. The winters here range from just being wet and gray to actually having some character like we've seen recently here.
However, this is the earliest I can remember that this much character showed up. The picture below was taken in my front yard on November 26 and it continued in that vein for about the next three to four hours. Of course, this little smattering of snow is meaningless to those who live in more severe climes...such as my supervisor at work who is mystified every time the city of Seattle shuts down over a little ice and snow. You see, my supervisor hails from Minnesota where the snow is considered and measured in feet, not inches!

Our office was closed on Tuesday the 28th due to all of this snow and our feeble inability to cope with same. I really enjoyed having my snow day off too....I climbed up on a ladder (a very daring feat for me these days since the ill-fated knee surgery of August) and got down the Yule decorations. The tree is now up as are several pieces of festive garland....I there are no actual decorations on the tree, however, so that is going to be a task for the near future. Maybe this weekend after my accupuncture treatment...but I digress.

What I was going to tell you is about this crazy ass manager who works in my office that went into her department on Wednesday after the office was closed on Tuesday and bawled out the people who work in there for not coming in! She's totally is the rest of this place. Oh well.

So I just wanted to get a picture of yon snow day up on my blog. I don't really have anything else to say and I have another web page that I have to work on for work here.

So, ta ta for now and take care...keep warm and dry.

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