Sunday, August 07, 2005

Another Day

Well, we've made it through another day with our Japanese exchangee. She is very sweet, and very helpful around the house - but it is also quite strange and surprisingly taxing to have someone living in the house who does not speak much English, and thus has some difficulty communicating.
For instance, this evening I asked her to take some watermelon rinds to the the large trash container in the back yard - explaining "the gray can" and when I looked up from the dishes, she was hucking them around the yard as she had seen me do with bread and small corn cobs for the squirrels. It was quite amusing.
And, there's the added pleasure of having her interact with our teenage daughter who is so concentrated on how much attention she gets vs. how much attention the exchange student gets that she renders an accounting several times a day. It is absolutely exhausting. But we haven't signed on for a whole year, thank goodness, and our little Yuka will be winging her way back to Japan in just two short weeks. Well, gotta go....I have to take some cookies out of the oven. She seems to love cookies beyond all other types of food, and when I make them, I feel like I am at least letting her know that I want to please her if I can.
Blessed be to any and all who read this post. Az

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