Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Why Do All The Little Microsoft Gizmos Always Suck Ass?

I ask you...why can't Microsoft, biggest fuckin' corporation on the planet - okay, mebbe not quite, but still pretty damn big - make a friggin' MP3 player that doesn't go tits-up a week after you buy the damn thing? I ask you! I'm out on their site and it's ass-flavored.

Now I have to go and take back a thing that I didn't buy for myself to a store that I never would have bought it in. Damn good thing I didn't get rid of my Sansa and didn't stop my subscription to Rhapsody. Guess I'd better go to bed. It's only Tuesday...don't want to be shootin' the wad this early in the week.

On a more pleasant note...I've been enjoying Facebook quite a bit the past several days. I threw a monkey at my sister-in-law, and that rocked. lol!

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