Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Alaska True Cod Toothpaste

You know...once in a while I have a great idea. Today is one of those times. As I was ingesting my 3 tablespoons of fish oil as prescribed by my chiropractor for the disks in my back - I thought "What the Hell? Everthing I eat or drink today is going to taste like this friggin' fish oil...I may as well have brushed with fish oil toothpaste."

I think that the color is about right too, huh? Well, maybe this isn't THE best idea I've ever had. Maybe my idea for a turbo salt-shaker was slightly better. However, I'm in a whimsical mood and felt like sharing it.

This morning saw another early morning back treatment, and all that space between the vertebrae when they're done leaves you feeling a little giddy sometimes. But I'm here at work, so I'd better concentrate on giving Caesar what is Caesar's. Ciao Baby! Happy Tuesday! (I love me some exclaimation points!)

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dpmsurf said...

If you are going to take the oil you need to get flavored. I have taking carlson's lemon flavoed fish oil and it really tastes fine. I once bought the "regular" flavor accidentally once and it was horrible - like drinking fish juice - oh yea that is what it is? I had to eat a couple of grapes right after taking and by the need of the bottle it really was not that bad but I would still never get it again. You may also want to think about pills? I believe they will give you the same DHA and EPA without the taste?? To Learn More About Omega 3 -> Salmon Oil