Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Swimming in theQuantum Sea, and Cecilia

Good morning...happy Wednesday in the middle of July from Seattle where it is raining and about 68 degrees outside.

Just got off the phone with my buddy Ce-ce, with whom I seem to be extra connected. We talked about quantum physics. Not many of my friends I can talk to about somethin' like that in the first place - and, as it turns out, Missy Cecilia had been given a vision of the string theory of matter when she was in a half-sleep some years ago. I told her that she was retarded lucky....and we chatted for a while about a book I've been reading and I read her a passage about microtubules and we ooooo-ed and awww-ed together for a little bit about the reality of being light-emitting ethereal beings. Then we talked about tarot and the fact that I had returned some money to her for a reading she had purchased a couple of weeks ago. I just came into the office this morning and thought "I can't let another minute go by without giving this girl her money back because I haven't done the flippin' reading yet," and so I came in, logged on to PayPal, wrote her a nice little note and proceeded to go to work. She calls, and we talk (as I've already mentioned), and all the while she is thinking that I did the PayPal thing in response to an email she sent me this morning....had to have been VERY close to the same time I sent the PayPal money...but I had NOT seen the email...I did NOT know that she too was thinking of it....perhaps I should've known...but I didn't.

Ce-ce...if you're reading this, you gotta know that I'm thinkin' it would be great to conduct some psychic experiments together if you're game to do it. I already mentioned the astral travel....maybe I really SHOULD try it.

Okay, so I DO have to get back to work - the mysteries of the universe will simply have to wait 'til after 5:00, but I did want to share this poem on my Blog. I wrote it a couple of nights ago as a homage to the glorious entity that is the Moon....

Did you ever open your arms
to the Moon....

When She was round and
Gorged with radiant dreams?
Did you feel the cool, silver light wash over you -
Remind you of the gift of Magic,
and Infinite possibility?

Or when she was a silver crescent
Slicing the summer night sky?
Did you feel Her young and eager energy
Quicken the tides of your blood?
Did you remember your Power?

Or when her light was full spent -
hanging at the flickering point
Before the final darkness ,
And re-entry to the womb?
Did you sense the weight of time?
And , if only for the briefest of moments,
Know the secrets of the Quantum Sea?

Did you ever open your arms to the Moon?
Bright blessings, everyone...and don't forget: Magic is EVERYWHERE.


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