Monday, October 23, 2006

Vacations and Other Stuff

Well, since I last posted I've been on vacation to Oklahoma and back, been to about a billion physical therapy appointments - until I feel like I see more of those guys than I do my own husband, and lost a co-worker. I don't know what the hell else I've done since, for the past many, many years I have relied on journaling to remind me of what I'm doing with my life, and since I've given up journaling because it was too painful to go back and look over some of the stuff. Oh well. I guess I will just wander around aimlessly for a while longer until I can get back in the habit of chronicalling where I've been and what I've done with my days and nights.

I went to Oklahoma to see my mother and my sister. They are both doing well - well, my mom has pretty much immobilized herself with lack of movement, but my sister is doing quite well. She just turned fifty years old. Here she is with a picture of her two granddaughters. Yep....granddaughters. She looks pretty darn good, huh?
And here's my mommy from this trip. Compare with the picture of my mommy from previous blog post earlier this year. Not much change.

So that's the little fam. My sister had her 50th birthday and basically that was the big event. Of course it wasn't as big of an event as I would have liked it to be, but my knee being all fucked up and my back too, didn't give me much of an opportunity to do much of anything for my sister. I spent the whole time being pretty miserable, actually. Which is actually why I don't have anything interesting to say. I've come to the conclusion, and this may not be a revelation that shocks anyone else, maybe I'm just a slow learner....but pain changes your personality. Just thought I'd tell you that. My knee is slowly, ever so slowly, getting better. It still hurts like hell and I dread walking on it, but at least I CAN now....which is better than it was before. However, it hurts so much that it actually affects how much enjoyment I can get out of my life. For instance, a friend of mine stopped by my office earlier today and told me that she was going to walk down to the Pike Market to get some spices for herself. Now Pike Market, which is a big tourist attraction around here and a pretty neat place to go is only about a 15 minute walk from this office. However, I wouldn't think of walking there with my knee like this. I have been unwilling to take the bus into work for the same reason. I truly do not know how the 4-block walk will affect me by the time I get here. And Goddess forbid if I have something more to carry than just my purse for that day because it will be too much for my back with it's four herniated disks and the disk fragment that is still lodged in my spinal column. **sigh** Before all of this shit went wrong earlier this year, I basically took my good health for granted and didn't exercise or do anything to improve my lot. Now that I can't do most exercises, I long to have the ability once again. Fancying that if only I did, I would make better use of my time and get my muscles into better shape. I can only hope and pray I'll have that opportunity.

So, since I don't have anything to actually "say" - I guess I'll just show you one more picture. This one is of me at my mom's house using the sewing machine to make my Halloween costume that I have been planning for a year. We'll see if I actually get to wear it or not. I don't have anything planned for Halloween, so it may have been 20 hours at the sewing machine for basically nothing.

See what a good mood I'm in? Too much feelin' sorry for yourself isn't good. I know that. But sometimes I just get so down. I'm ready to feel good again and like I could jump up out of this chair and go get myself a cup of coffee without having to limp the first five or six steps, or without having to stand and move my leg up and down at the knee just to get warmed up enough to walk down the hall. I'd like to be able to carry a box, climb a ladder, get up on a chair to get some of my Halloween ceramics out of the cabinet.

Guess I'll write more when I'm not so poopy.

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